Club Car DS Light Kit, LED Headlight & Tail Light for Gas & Electric Club Car DS Golf carts (1993 & up) 12V

$399.99 $259.99

Bring your Club Car DS golf cart into the 21st century with this bright and energy efficient Basic Light Kit


Golf Cart Club Car DS Gas or Electric Model 1993+


Voltage: 12V

Package Weight: Approx 2.5KG

Condition: Brand New LED headlight & Tailight


1.Automotive style adjustable headlights with the turn of a screw

2.New and improved wiring connectors

3.Injection molded plastic bezels – BLACK

4.High Quality Mounting Screws for Long Lasting Durability


If you have 6 volt or 8 volt batteries a voltage reducer is recommended to protect your golf cart’s batteries

There are a number of reasons to upgrade to LED lights:

1.LED lights use far less energy and save battery life so you can drive farther on a single charge

2.LED lights are brighter so you can see more at night

3.LED lights are longer lasting – even up to 50,000 hours

4.LED lights are not made of glass so they are more durable and break less often

5.LED lights do not need to warm-up so they perform better in the cold


Works with – This headlight made for Gas and Electric Club Car DS golf carts 1993-up. It’s your bare essentials basic lights kit.
Tips – To protect your new golf cart lights from burning out, Voltage Reducers are highly recommended for 6V or 8V batteries.
Function – It has just what you need to drive around at night, including head lights & tail lights, a wiring harness. Easy to install by plug and play.
Features- These newly designed LED lights are energy efficient and use less power, provide a brighter and whiter light, last significantly longer and run cooler than regular lights.
Warranty- We stand behind our products and offer 100% satisfaction. If there anything we can help, reach out to us for a quickly solution.


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